SEALA is all about it's members. With members spanning nine countries across South/South East Asia, there are numerous success stories. 

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Here are the previously featured stories:

Sophia Hage

1. Sophia Hage - Indonesia - SEALA 3
"I had just finished my residency in sports medicine and was splitting my time between my practice and social work through my NGO Lentera Sintas. I was going with the flow and saw life as an open path before me. I met a friend over lunch, and what struck me most was the way she was describing this wonderful learning experience at SEALA..."

Raheel Waqar

2. Raheel Waqar - Pakistan -  SEALA 2
"... Even when I arrived at the Academy, I was hesitant. The agenda reminded of programs that I had attended before. Little did I know how all that would change. It became the most transformational experience of my life..."

3. Arj Wignaraja - Sri Lanka - SEALA 3
"...Everyone at the Academy; faculty, facilitators are there for the students. There’s no dearth of opportunities to seek someone out and talk to them. I think it’s also important to take a step back and give yourself time to absorb what’s going on. I have a big believer in meditation. Every chance I would get during the academy, I would find a quiet space and take a minute to recharge. I would remind myself that I’m here to learn and that I’m all in... "

metta new.jpg

4. Metta Murdaya - Indonesia - SEALA Chairperson
"SEALA’s intention is simple. It’s to make you a better leader in your environment, whether it’s work or family or just life. It's a leadership academy to help you know yourself and project the best of yourself ..."



5. Saman Imtiaz - Pakistan - SEALA 4
"...taking the SEALA leadership course, with its emphasis on purpose-driven focus, has helped me refine and sharpen my extensive skills."


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