Forty leadership peers, invited to an intensive leadership experience – and immersed in excellence for 10 days

In January 2017, SEALA will assemble 40 outstanding young leaders from across the region to attend its fourth annual leadership workshop (“SEALA 4”) to hone critical life, leadership and business skills. The Academy is not easy. This is not “just another training.” It will not always be comfortable. Your habits of mind will be challenged. Your leadership goals and preferences will be subjected to searching examination. But you will also have fun in the process, and emerge with deep and lasting connections that reach far beyond the classroom.
In North America, Central Eurasia and the Middle East, SEALA opens the door to a web of relationships that spans the globe


As a member of SEALA you are integrated into three powerful sister organizations, with direct access to hundreds of peers and friends who are waiting to meet you, a host of common events to enjoy, and the collective experience and cumulative relationships of literally thousands of leaders at your fingertips.