How can I be a more impactful leader?
Does my leadership authentically express who I am and what I believe in?
How can I set myself up for long term success in my life and career?
How can I inspire and enable others around me to perform at their best?

We welcome you to the SEALA Experience to find answers to these and many similar questions.

The South East Asia Leadership Academy brings together outstanding mid-career business and civil society leaders for a 10-day bootcamp of leadership education, deep peer connections, and long term cooperation within the region. 

SEALA was launched by international CEOs and entrepreneurs coming together as the Society of International Business Fellows. They were profoundly tired of the usual commercial offerings and off-the-shelf trainings, and wanted to share practical knowledge and leadership tools, mentorship, network support and global networks, making them fully available to a new generation of leaders.

Not for a workshop. For a lifetime. 

SEALA'S Approach

Develop your Inner Core

In today's dynamic and changing landscape in South East Asia, compassionate, visionary and ethical leaders are needed more than ever. Leaders who can lead and motivate teams are more in demand than ever to help organizations grow and transform. 

To become an outstanding leader is a commitment. A daily commitment to growth and development that will enlarge your capacity and increase your wisdom.  SEALA offers the tools and resources for your practice to improve both personal and professional performance in your life. 

Grow Your Regional & International Network

Make personal friends with peer leaders around the South East Asian region in the program. SEALA fosters long lasting relationships, with continuous programming and alumni engagement to further personal development and cohort interaction. 

As a member of SEALA you are integrated into three powerful sister organizations, with direct access to hundreds of peers and friends who are waiting to meet you, a host of common events to enjoy, and the collective experience and cumulative relationships of literally thousands of leaders at your fingertips.