What did you expect from SEALA?

“Corporate stuff…tools, strategies, frameworks on leadership.”

“An opportunity to network, and to make connections with company leaders in the region.”

But what did you find?

“You don’t just find friends and mentors here, you find your family here. You realize that you are not alone in your quest. Truly, truly life transforming.” - Sadaf Mahmood (SEALA 1)

”Allowed me to pause, and look back at my life. To bring out the leader inside me.” - Adeel Azhar (SEALA 1)

What do you take with you?

”I now have a lot of powerful questions that will keep me up at night. But I know that I am on the right track, and I love that!” - Mahad Hamza (SEALA 3)

”Today I am standing here true to myself, saying what I want to say, not really caring how others will judge. This is who I am, this is what I like.” - Sarrah Sammoon (SEALA 3)