Anand Sharma

Anand Sharma

Co-founder of TBM Consulting Group, Anand Sharma has served as president and CEO since its beginning in 1991. In this capacity he has worked with some of the leading businesses around the globe helping them achieve top line and bottom line growth faster than their industry by doing more with less that helps and motivates all the stakeholders. Anand is author of The Perfect Engine: How to Win in the New Demand Economy by Building to Order With Fewer Resources (Free Press, 2001), and co-author of The Antidote: How to Transform Your Business for Extreme Challenges of the 21st Century (Managing Times Press 2006),

He was named a Hero of U.S. Manufacturing in 2001 by Fortune magazine and was awarded the 2002 Donald Burnham Manufacturing Management Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He was a monthly columnist for The Manufacturer, where he commented on business and economic trends. National media regularly seek his opinions on business and the new economy and he is a frequent speaker at gatherings such as the AME Annual Conference, Shingo Conference and Industry Week conferences.

Prior to founding TBM Anand had more than 20 years of experience within the manufacturing industry and held a number of line and staff positions with American Standard, Inc. before becoming vice president of operations for one of its leading operating divisions. Immediately prior to establishing TBM Consulting Group, he was executive vice president at Productivity Inc. and headed the firm’s consulting and training practices. He has a Masters degree in Business Administration from Boston University and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Roorkree University in India. His education also includes Advanced Management studies at the Wharton School of Management plus attending many of the management seminars conducted by some of the leading thinkers of our time.

Arj Wignaraja

Arj Wignaraja

Arj is a founder and Managing Director of the Asia operations of Remote Sensing Metrics, a US-Sri Lanka company that provides proprietary reports to Wall Street investment firms and retailers, based on high-resolution satellite imagery. He is also a Senior Advisor at Stax, Inc., a global strategy consulting firm, and formerly served as founder and Managing Director of the Colombo, Sri Lanka office. Earlier, he served as a director in Stax’s Chicago office. Prior to joining Stax, Arj was with The Boston Consulting Group, where he helped formulate business strategies for Fortune 500 clients in the financial services and industrial goods sectors. 

Arj graduated in economics from Princeton University and holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He has a passion for theater, both as an audience member and an actor.

Arj was a participant at SEALA 3 in Surabaya, Indonesia and he is currently serving as the SEALA Board Chair.

Armil Sammoon


Armil Sammoon is a fifth generation gem merchant & entrepreneur involved with diversified portfolios and international businesses including luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. He is also the Chairman of the Sapphire Capital Group & Sapphire Cutters Ltd.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf and speaking around the world on bringing leadership and innovation to the gem industry while bridging the gap between the mine to market of gemstones. He also mentors young leaders and works to uplift the access of education to the children of miners.

Armil was a participant at SEALA 4 in Bangkok and a facilitator at SEALA 6 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ashok Mittal

Ashok Mittal

Ashok Mittal is an independent management advisor to CEOs, top management teams and young entrepreneurs. Ashok has more than 20 years of experience in leadership development, change management, manufacturing operations, supply chain management and green field project establishments.

Ashok is an angel investor in India Quotient and serves as a professional advisor to several portfolio companies. Ashok is also a certified facilitator for Personalysis (a psychoanalysis management tool) where he provides employee assessment and coaching, change and transition management, conflict resolution and leadership/personal development to a wide range of clients.

Prior to his current roles, Ashok was a co-founder and managing director of Semco Electric and Ultratech Metals (I) Ltd, contract manufacturers of precision metal and plastic products, parts and sub-assemblies.

Ashok received his Bachelors in Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Pilani, India. Along with other activities, he loves to travel, scuba dive various destinations around the world and is a hobbyist photographer.

Bill Starnes

Bill Starnes

Bill Starnes is a retired co-managing partner of Trammell Crow International, a major international real estate developer, owner and operator. He currently devotes his time and energy to various philanthropic activities, with an emphasis on leadership development based on insights gained from a career spanning academia, international business, and the nonprofit sector.

In 1984, Bill joined the commercial property division of Trammell Crow, a major real estate developer, owner and operator of industrial, office, commercial, and multi-family residential properties as well as hotels, hospitals and wholesale merchandise marts. After moving to the international division in 1986, he became a partner in 1989 and Co-Managing Partner of Trammell Crow International (TCI) in 1997. He traveled extensively to Asia, Europe and Latin America and oversaw the opening of new offices in Japan, China, the Netherlands and Hungary.

Bill served as the Chairman of the Society of International Business Fellows (2012-2013) and served as its Managing Director from 2001 to 2005, focusing on expanding the number, variety and quality of its programs. He organized and led their annual new member program, taking 25 to 40 international business leaders on a 10 to 12 day program abroad to various destinations over the last 10 years in South America, India and China. He plays the role of head of faculty for Central Eurasia Leadership Academy (CELA), the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA), and the South East Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA).

Bill began his career in academia as an Assistant Professor of Economics at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts following graduate studies at Yale University and an undergraduate degree from Rice University in Houston. He later taught economics at Rice University and the University of Houston. After leaving academia, Bill spent three years in general management for a small, family-owned wholesale distribution company in Dallas before joining Trammell Crow. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Donna. They have one son, Jon, and a granddaughter, Lexi. He enjoys travel, photography, reading and going to the movies.

Farhad Karamally

Farhad Karamally

Farhad Karamally is an Organization Development (OD) consultant, Leadership facilitator, published author, a habitual entrepreneur – in short ‘a catalyst for change’.

Over the past 20 years Farhad has designed & customized value adding interventions for organizations like 3M, Acumen Fund, Al-Batha (Dubai), Barclays Bank, Bayer CropScience & Health, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, COGEF Group (Mozambique), DHL, Dubai Quality Group, Eli Lilly Pakistan, Thailand & Vietnam, Engro, Fonterra, GIZ, Holcim Cement (Sri Lanka), Linde Group, Lion Brewery, Maersk, Merck, Nestlé, Novartis Consumer Healthcare Pakistan & Middle East Cluster. OMV, Oracle (South Asia Growth Economies – SAGE), Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), Pepsi Cola International, Procter & Gamble Pakistan & Kazakhstan, Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan & Sri Lanka, Samba Financial Group [formerly known as The Saudi American Bank] (Saudi Arabia), Saudi New Zealand Milk Products, Schneider-Electric, Shell Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank, UNDP Pakistan, UNICEF Education Program, Unilever, World Food Programme (WFP), & numerous others. 

Since 2010 he has been working on the concept of ‘Compassion in Business’ and also published survey reports measuring compassion in organizations and the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka. Farhad has been named as a Fellow of the International Centre for Compassionate Organizations located at the University of Louisville.

As an entrepreneur, Farhad is CEO Funverks Global (Pakistan, Sri Lanka and UAE),  Director Stimulus, Tangerine Media, FK Squared, The Bottom Line Holidays and Partner Seed Incubation Center.

He resides in South Asia and travels across the Middle East region and he is a SEALA 2 Alumni.

Metta Murdaya

Metta Murdaya

Metta Murdaya was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has spent most of her formative years between San Francisco, Jakarta, and Singapore. Today, she resides in both New York City and Jakarta – frequently traveling between locations. With a background in operations, consulting, general management and entrepreneurship, and having managed businesses through several financial crises/recessions in Asia and the US, Metta’s specialty is running a business in a dynamic environment of change.

Metta graduated from University of California at Berkeley in 1997 with a double degree in Cognitive Science and Architecture, and received her MBA from NYU Stern School of Business in 2002 in Finance and Management. Her first job was as a Quality Assurance Manager at a Nike factory in Indonesia, working with factory workers and ensuring fair wages. In 1998, when the Asian Crisis was at its peak in Indonesia, (when President Soeharto was overturned in a coup,) she left Indonesia to flee the riots and moved to Singapore where she continued a career in footwear by creating and running a chain of Nike only branded retail stores (BIRD) as the exclusive NIKE retailer in Singapore.

Metta returned to the US for her MBA program and graduated in the stock market downturn of 2002. In that period, Metta worked as a consultant at Deloitte Consulting (NY) in Change Management and as a general manager at Home Depot (Expo Division & Corporate) in a leadership program created by CEO Bob Nardelli. In addition, she volunteered as a consultant in a non‐profit organization that helped women and minority‐owned businesses in New York.

Returning to her cultural roots in 2005, Metta founded JUARA, a natural skincare company in New York based on the Indonesian herbal tradition and beauty rituals from her own heritage. JUARA is currently distributed in the USA, Canada, South America and Asia in high end hotels, boutiques, and retail chains. With offices in New York and Jakarta, JUARA has been recognized by the Trade Minister of Indonesia to be the first breakout Indonesian brand to be regularly featured in the international beauty market.

Saad Amanullah Khan

Saad Amanullah Khan

Saad Khan is CEO & Founder of Alamut Consulting, an impact investment firm. Previously he had served as CEO of Gillette Pakistan since 2007. Before joining Gillette, Saad worked in Procter & Gamble (P&G) for 20 years with assignments in Europe, Middle East and Pakistan. In P&G, his last assignment, he was Deputy General Manager and Finance Manager.

Saad is a graduate of the University of Michigan MBA program (Class of 1987). He has two engineering degrees, one in Systems Engineering (Automation) and the other in Computer Science Engineering. He is an active speaker at universities, seminars and conferences both locally and internationally.

Saad is the former President of the American Business Council (ABC) of one of the largest single country business chamber. He chairs the ABC Taxation Sub-committee for the last 9 years. In 2013 he has been elected to the Executive Committee of Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI).

Saad strongly supports entrepreneurship and innovation as well as is very active on the social development front. Among his many achievements he is founding chairman and board member of Pakistan Innovation Foundation, a private sector entity to promote science based innovation research and entrepreneurship in Pakistan society; founding member of the Agha Khan Hospital’s Patient Welfare Committee; and founding member of the National Entrepreneurship Working Group (NEWG).

Saad has written a book, "It's Business, It's Personal" and many research papers. Research papers are on varying topics such as “Why Some Democracies Don’t Survive?”, “Quran for Inquisitive Minds”, “Pakistan an Economic Powerhouse”, etc. He is also an active writer in Express Tribune with article focused on economic growth, democracy, entrepreneurship, social development and leadership related topics.

Sai Blackbyrn

Sai Blackbyrn.jpg

Originally working as an investment banker, Sai found his life hollow and unfulfilling. It was when he discovered personal development that he realized that was what he was meant to do.

Over the last 8 years, Sai Blackbyrn has been working in the personal development space as an influencer to the masses. Working with many of the top self-help Gurus out of the states and the UK.

In that time he and has amassed 3.7million facebook followers, written an international best selling book (9 countries in 17 categories) and built 200,000 linked in followers.

He is currently the CEO of .Coach, a company focused on building world-class credibility, solid financial foundations, and freedom for coaches looking to leave a lasting contribution to the world.

Sai was a participant at SEALA 6, held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Sophia Hage

Soph Hage.jpg

Sophia Hage is a medical doctor with the Sports Medicine Department at the University of Indonesia, and co-Founder of Selamatkan Ibu, a movement to raise awareness on maternal mortality rate and promote maternal health in Indonesia. She also co-founded Lentera Indonesia Foundation, a support group for sexual abuse survivors, where she acts as Public Awareness Coordinator. Sophia practices at Lighthouse Clinic, focusing on weight loss program for obese patients. Her medical opinions on numerous sports medicine is sues are aired monthly on Cosmopolitan FM radio. She is active with Drive Books Not Cars (a movement to provide books for under-privileged children) and Alzheimer Indonesia, participating in its awareness-raising road shows.

Sophia received her degree as a medical doctor and Bachelor of Medicine at Universitas Airlangga Medical Faculty, Surabaya. She is currently with the Sports Medicine Residency Program at Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta. She was featured as one of Indonesia’s 15 Most Inspiring Women in 2015 by Harper’s Bazaar.

Sophia is a SEALA 3 Alumni.

Su-Mae Chia

Su-Mae Chia

Su-Mae Chia is the Key Leader Regional Marketing of the HDI Family of Companies, a Singapore-based group of companies with its primary businesses in social network marketing and advertising..  

Su-Mae graduated from the Centre for Transnational Legal Studies, London and the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LL.B.) in 2012. She began her legal career at WongPartnership LLP where she focused on intellectual property, media and technology. Subsequently, she practised law at Allen & Gledhill LLP for three years specialising in corporate and commercial law, employment law, energy, infrastructure and projects.

Su-Mae left law in 2016 to join HDI and also founded BSKIN, a skincare brand that embraces nature-meets-technology. BSKIN believes in helping its customers become smarter about their skincare choices. To empower its customers, the brand invests heavily ineducating them and cultivating long term relationships with them built on trust and openness.  

Su-Mae also runs a Smart Skin Advisor program in Indonesia, where women and men from around the country come together to learn about basic dermatology, skincare, makeup and presentation skills. Through this program, many attendees have discovered newfound confidence and had their lives transformed.

Su-Mae is based in Singapore but spends most of her time shuttling between Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Su-Mae has a passion for food, adventure and anything quirky or out of this world.

Su-Mae is a SEALA 5 Alumni.