Corporations can benefit in several ways from managers who attend SEALA. Participants often exit with a deeper sense of engagement to their work and commitment, while also increasing commitment to the company for investing in their personal development. SEALA alumni often develop a more inspired and focused approach to their careers, positively impacting performance with measurable results, while simultaneously further inspiring colleagues and teams they manage.

This is achieved by:

  • Deepening the self-understanding, purposeful action and thus the quality of decision-making of a rising company leader.
  • Establishing long-term support and mentoring that can be shared with colleagues (multiplier effect) and visibly improves company productivity and operational effectiveness.

Participation in SEALA also ensures the company will be represented along with rising company leaders in the region, increasing contacts with other growth-oriented, high-performing peers in the region.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing the company with direct and immediate access to the global business and educational connections and resources of four peer leadership communities in South East Asia, the Middle East, Central Eurasia, and North America.
  • Opening channels to regional and international business leaders that can assist in breaking down the barriers to your industry’s development and expands the company’s growth.