Dear SEALA Members,

It is that time of the year when we elect one board member from within our alumni.

As you know being part of SEALA has been a life changing experience for many of you. Now, being on the Advisory Board will give you a unique opportunity to contribute and shape the future of this Noble Cause to develop purposeful leaders in the SEALA region and take this journey to the next level. Being on the board is to be surrounded by a diverse peer group committed to growing and developing the SEALA network through attracting candidates, and creating programs that focus on increasing network membership across the sister academies and SIBF. As an Advisory Board member, you will serve a 3-year term as a part of this unique and transformational global network.

We hope that you will nominate someone or yourself to participate in this privileged position. Join us on our journey, and be a part of the growth.

Keep the following criteria in your mind while selecting one name from the drop down menu below. Then give us three reasons why this person (it can be YOU) should be a SEALA Board Member.

SEALA Alumni Board Member criteria:
- Cares about the SEALA cause. 
- Can participate in one or more of the following activities: Content creation, Alumni Activity & Engagement, Fund Raising, and SEALA Participant  Selection Process including Interviewing.
-Interested in sharpening personal leadership skills as a board member and collaborating with SEALA alumni on specific mini-projects. 
- Self-Starter - Can work independently and proactively. Reliable.
- Passionate about connecting to the other networks across the globe and creating value.
- Connected to people who also share the SEALA mission in spirit or in practice.

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You may revisit this page to nominate others as often as you like