SEALA and Its Affiliates

SIBF (Society of International Business Fellows) is the parent organization of SEALA is the parent organization of SEALA. Formed in the US by a group of CEOs, corporate executives and leading entrepreneurs about 35 years ago to bridge the gap between regions. They were profoundly tired of the usual off-the-shelf trainings and wanted to share with up-and-coming business and civil society leaders in all parts of the world the practical knowledge and leadership tools that they had experienced and used with success in their own professional lives. 

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CELA (Central Eurasia Leadership Academy) was inaugurated in 2002 by SIBF. The Central Eurasia Leadership Academy is a sister organization of SEALA which draws its membership from the countries of the southern Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) together with Afghanistan.

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MELA was launched in 2010 by SIBF and a group of Arab business leaders on the model of CELA.. MELA draws it members from across the Middle East annually for their masterclass.

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SEALA is a not-for-profit initiative launched in 2013 by SIBF on the model of the regional network organisations it has already created for next-generation leaders in Central Eurasia and the Middle East.

SEALA’s flagship event is the annual leadership workshop that serves as the gateway to membership and access to a rich program of follow-on events. SEALA’s approach to peer education and exchanges, its depth of personal commitment, and its inter-connections with three sister organisations, and a parent organisation in other areas of the world, make SEALA a leadership experience unmatched in the region.

SIBF Leadership Academy (previously called NALA - North American Leadership Academy) was launched in the US by SIBF to cater to the demand in the US. It was formed in 2014 with members from all of North America. The SIBF Board of Directors made the decision in December 2015 to rename the North America Leadership Academy (NALA) to the SIBF Leadership Academy to more clearly brand the program which fully integrates graduates into the SIBF global network of 1000+ chief executives and senior leaders in 40 countries worldwide. 

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