The SEALA Academy is a 10-day immersion in a demanding environment. It is a leadership bootcamp whose watchwords are purpose, authenticity, character, values. You will need all your skill to master the high refinements of leadership arts. But you will need all your courage to go deep in exploring your default reaction to authority – how manage the stress of handling systems – your true ability to work with power – before, as a leader, you can fulfill your potential and promise.

SEALA is not all lectures and general theory. Plenary learning sessions alternate with breakout groups facilitated by experienced businesspeople, seasoned practitioners from around the world. Every idea is up for discussion; every lesson is tested against experience to prove its worth. SEALA focuses on the real-life applications of leadership skills especially seen against the developing needs of South East Asia today.

Our aim is not 10 days of “chalk-and-talk” and a handsome certificate at the end for the office wall. Our aim is transformation of business and society in South East Asia.

"Is success at work my end goal – or is it a means to achieve other goals?"

"Have I identified the qualities that make me unique?"

"Am I relying on my authority to get things done, rather than on my leadership?"

"Do I even know the maximum that my team is capable of – or myself, for that matter?"

 So SEALA does not replace or compete with the traditional management training programs that organizations may be pleased to send their employees to. SEALA complements them, builds on them, goes beyond them. We supercharge leaders.

SEALA's Building Blocks

  • Understand your inner core to build, in consciousness and certainty, on your values and convictions.

  • Reach out and engage others, with comparable awareness of their strengths and motivations, to pool knowledge and secure cooperation.

  • Master the dynamics of systems and other force multipliers in order to coordinate action and get results.

Prepare to: 

  • Focus on practical and instantly useable insights.

  • Engage with international business innovators, instructors, and public figures.

  • Address real-life applications of leadership skills - not just classroom theory.

  • Bring up ideas, challenge norms, and engage in thought-provoking discussions with peers, facilitators, and instructors in a safe space that encourages innovative and self-reflective thinking.

  • Introspect, explore and align your personal values to your professional career with like-minded peers interested in pursuing a meaningful, enriching and impactful life.

You'll Experience:

  • Two dozen multinational facilitators, instructors, and inspiring first-class speakers.

  • Hours of extensive breakout sessions where small groups of participants and facilitators dig into the details of leadership and explore similarities/ differences in approach.

  • Facilitators and mentors available from morning till night to talk, mentor, listen, advise, and collaborate, responding to your particular leadership needs.

  • Interactive learning activities to challenge and delight you.

  • A diverse peer group in leadership positions across the fields of business, medicine, law, and government all with the common interest in making a positive impact in their respective countries and communities in South East Asia.

You will be with an outstanding group of peers who you will want to sit late into the night with, exploring what makes them tick - and who will be genuinely excited to do the same with you. Focusing on creating an environment of learning and personal growth, you will experience stimulation for your brain, your heart, your career, and for your dreams.